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Resolved Have negative hours...?

Aug 11, 2016
I bought 1000 hours on February 23. I used them all by ~March 8ish, and so I bought 1000 more hours on March 09. So thats basically 2k hours bought.

Today, I tried botting and I got the error that says "You do not have enough hours". I checked my stats, and saw this:- http://i.imgur.com/ebtARJE.png

I already finished using the 1k hrs that I bought on February 23.. Why is it charging me NEGATIVE? I also used only 928/1000 of the hours Ibought on March 9. I still have 72 hours left to bot with until April 9.

I can't even put in more money either, as its negative.. I'll just waste my money. Plus, I'm willing to bet that it will go negative once again on April 9, as even though I would have used all my hours, it would turn it negative..

Can a staff member remove my negative and make it positive 72hours so I can use it? Thanks.
Client Developer
Oct 12, 2015