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    Intelligent behaviour. Intelligent design. Intelligent bots.

    (Bot Store)
    Premium Bots:
    Hax Nature Runecrafter - (Bot store) - (Thread)
    Runs Nature runes using Graahk and either Tokkul-zo, Ring of kinship or Ring of duelling. Up to 1.4M gp/hr and 27.5k exp/hr

    Free Bots:
    Hax Guard Killer

    Works in progress:
    Hax Divination
    Hax Catacombs
    Hax Dragons
    Hax Fighter
    Hax Slayer Tower
    Hax Chopper
    Hax Miner
    Hax Fisher
    Hax Wine Grabber

    StateScript Tutorial (thread)
    A walk-through tutorial covering how to create a basic StateScript

    TaskScript Tutorial (thread)
    A walk-through tutorial covering how to create a basic TaskScript
    Private bots available, PM for more information.
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  2. Added HaxSummoning to the list.
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  3. HaxSwampLizards o_O
  4. *Supreme Hunter
  5. Spoiler alert?
  6. Coming soon, busy with college now.
  7. Updated to include Spawner in Releases.

    What self-sustaining GE scripts bots would you guys like to see? I've just finished my GrandExchange API and I'm keen to implement it into a proper script bot xD
  8. Add buying hides at lowest possible price to HaxTanner.
  9. Lowest possible price as in it creates offers beginning at -5% and then goes higher/lower until it reaches the lowest price it can get them?
  10. Or buy one, sell it, note the price it sold for and buy hides at that price +1.
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  11. Then why would you even mention it? wow... dont make me cry.
  12. Updated format
  13. Suggestion: (Hax Waterfiends)
    fairy transportaion to ancient cavern
    uni support
  14. I'll need to do the fairy quests first before I can add Fairy Ring support :/ I'm half thinking about buying a service to do it for me.

    I'll start working on Familiar support, I already have all the data needed from my Summoning API, I just need to implement it xD
  15. Idea for OSBuddy style stat tracking script bot for RS3 for playing legit:

    Really, it could be exactly the same as your paint, but would be awesome if it was in a GUI instead of as a paint...

    Another thing that would be nice, though, is "kills/ores/logs/etc left to next level"...

    It would also be awesome if the profit/hr would include coin pickups by using the games system messages since it tells you how many coins were added to the pouch...

    Might think of more features later... That's all for now... And I'd be okay with it being a paint instead of a GUI, but if so, please make the background more transparent but keep the text easily visible...
  16. Good idea, thanks :)

    Does my current paint not track coin profits? It should do :/

    As for the paint vs GUI, it'll probably be paint, as I currently have a custom framework that I prefer working with. Although I do plan on adding minimizability to the componenets and maybe even the ability to unlink components from their frame... So many possibilities xD
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  17. It doesn't appear to track coins... I could be wrong since I usually don't pick them up... I'll check to make sure in a bit...
  18. It doesn't track them as an item, but it should track them in the profit section. I could change it to include the coins in the list though.
    Another possibility is that it won't update the profit until you pick up or drop an item. I can change this and have it refresh every half a second.

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