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  1. Wazzup! How you doing "Mates". First off I wanted to say this site is beautiful! Secondly I am excited to be back in the botting community. Now this isnt my first rodeo, I was a part of Powerbot before it switched domains, RSBuddy, RuneDream, Powerbot (after it switched domains) and now my plan is to become a part of this community. Now my name is kinda a oxymoron. Sadly, I am NOT a Java expert! But my goal is for that to change. If there is one thing I love about botting is its the community its that the botting communities are mostly open and welcome. Especially RSB and RuneDream! So with that, I hope to see you all around "Mates".

    TLDR: Its nice to be back in the botting community.
  2. Welcome man, I hope you stick around. :)
  3. My goal is to
    My plan is to stick around! :) Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Hey man. We're glad to have you. Wanna join your Skype dev chat? We have a lot of fun and manage to get a little work done too. PM me you Skype if you're interested. :)
  5. Welcome this community is indeed great and open, all the best to you i wish i had some expertise to offer the guys at runemate.
  6. Thanks man!! :)

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