Help me collecting ID's please

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Exile, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. I need to collect some more ID's for my Divination script bot, only problem is that I can't harvest all wisps yet so I can't figure out the ID's myself..

    Please help me, I'll love you forever and put you in the Thanks to-section of my topic.
  2. Hey I think I can help you out a bit ;)

    Enter the development toolkit and enable database mode (bottom left). It'll pull up a list of every npc, object, and item in there game along with all of their information. I highly suggest that you don't use ids though and instead identify them by name, actions, or even models.
  3. Yea just realized this when reading a message from BlackFire in the shoutbox..

    Expect Divi script bot in 1 hr! :)
    (Verifying that it really works)
  4. @Cloud
    I have replaced the ID's by the names, but now the interaction isn't working anymore.. Even the rift, that actually worked before doesn't work anymore. This is very strange because no code for the rift was changed..

    The wisp harvesting(collecting) + wisp depositing(converting) is broken, the mouse simply sits still and doesn't do anything.
    However the wisps are actually getting identified, I can draw them to the canvas, everything works, except the interaction, once again..
  5. zip your source and send me an account, I'll take a look at it.
  6. I believe I have a noob account with 99 RC somewhere that you can use if you wish - go though my accounts list tomorrow for you.
  7. It's divination not RC.
  8. Oopsie.
  9. If you got any members accounts I can borrow, would be nice too :p
    To write more advanced scripts bots ;)
  10. Why id's?

    Just strings.
  11. Yeah, I'll probably be able to find a couple of member accounts.
    I'll PM you the info soon. :p
  12. Really? :eek:
    Thanks alot man, I'll put your name on the Thanks to - part of every script bot I made with it.

    Brace yourselves, Epic scripts bots coming!

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