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  1. Hello there,

    I'd like to get some advices of what to do :)

    Currently I have 15mil + 5 bonds + 14 days membership.
    My stats are: - Dungeoneering is 41, and ddivination is 1.
    Currently I have been grabbing Zamorak wine for ages. From 48 to 85 so far lol.
    Any tips on how to get going besides this?
    I'd like to flip on GE but theres no GE flipping bot...

    Please help a poor member :i
  2. How does flipping work and how would you envision a flipping bot's setup to be like? :3
  3. Well hello SlashnHax.

    First of all flipping is buying items on GE cheap and selling them a bit more expensive, this is really good when buying bulk items etc.
    Flipping guide:

    The setup would be:
    Item Name - The item you want to flip.
    Amount - Bulk?
    Buy price - What you will be buying the item for.
    Sell price - What you will be selling the item for // I dont know if its possible to make the bot auto margin items, finding lowest price sell price, and higest buy price. Lowest sell price is your buying price, and higest buying price is your selling price :) If this is possible you should make some kind of auto margin this would be in %.
    Minimum margin
    How many GE slots you have avaible
    Maybe a pre loaded list of good items to flip.

    Some people make a lot from this.

    You should be able to add invidiual item to a mulltiline combobox so it saves these specs for invidual items. Like you need to be able to add multiply items it will be flipping :) Setup would be like this: - Not to copy paste anyone :O
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  4. Mhmm, thanks :) I'll look into it

    Also enchanting can be a good way to make money, you already have the magic levels required :)
  5. Enchant what kind of things? :)
  6. Yeah, but it does have a buy limit
  7. Enchanting has 1800 avg/cast per hour if you use the quickbar and keyboard. (Around 900k per hour enchanting emerald rings)
    Superheating is is a lot more profitable superheating rune bar (1.3m per hour)
  8. Any other ideas?
  9. Superheating rune bars is extremely good profit and good exp. I would say enchanting is really BAD (don't do that you will ruin my method of making money :p). About fliping you really don't need a bot for that it's so simple to do.
  10. The point is having some1 to do it 24/7

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