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  1. OK. im trying to log in and its saying "we've detected you're signing in from a different location". which i am not. however its says to go to email and follow verification link. when i do that it takes me to an ip address page. i click save and it still doesnt let me log onto runemate... WHAT DO I DO
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  2. Also having this issue, except I'm not even getting an EMail. My usual account (as you can guess) is XCRunner. Compare my IPs and you'll see they're both coming from the exact same place. Maybe I didn't use one of my usual EMails for the email to that account? I've checked all my other ones.. Really confused here.

    Also - Love the "spam prevention"... Tried to create a new account from my base's wifi and it blocked me from doing so despite doing both types of capcha ("I'm not a robot" and "choose pictures")... So I had to hop on my hotspot and do it from there -_-
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  3. It may take some time for the servers to process your request, if it still doesn't work after an hour try contacting arbiter or cloud privately.
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  4. Been a couple of hours now and I still haven't been able to log in. Just keeps spamming the same message as OP. Eventhough I've added the new IP and everything
  5. im having the same issue, however i am accessing from a different ip than my last session. I added the new address to my account, im just wondering if its taking a while for the server to update and process the request to add. ill update you guys later. thanks :D
  6. Changed my IP again and now it works with the 4th IP I've added? What the hell loool
  7. Maybe a dns systen would be useful. You simply setup one dns host, point your runemate account to it and you'll only have to update your dns for the runemate login to work. Unless your dns account got hijacked this is a safe method. (services such as no-ip dyndns etc)
  8. i just changed my ip again, updated it on the account page, and it still wasnt letting me in, i updated and added a range of about 50 ips to allow and it let me in.
  9. yeah i still can't get in after like 2 days!!! RIP xp gains :( :(
  10. Try setting a range of IP's as mentioned above. That did the trick for me.
  11. YES IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!

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