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  1. I'm pretty sure a farming bot like this has been suggested but I'd like to give some specific ideas that could potentially make a really solid bot.
    > Would support using supercompost
    >greenfingers aura
    >juju potions
    >checking for weeds and clearing if necessary
    >lodestone network for travel by default(other teleport options selectable in GUI if unlocked)
    >Start the bot with all herb patches empty, Bot will start by using the supercompost and planting all the seeds, then log out for 75-85 minutes(I believe herbs take 80 mins to grow so this allows a 10 minute comfort zone to appear less botlike)
    >If bot logs in 75-79 minutes and the herbs haven't grown you can select things to do in downtime(fletching, bonfire, wc, superheating...etc) Then once the herbs have grown it goes and harvests them and replants and notes them with leprechauns.
    >possibly detect the best profit from herbs in gui using this wiki link to decide what to plant
  2. Farming bot is hard and time consuming. With stuff (not all of them) you reccomended it would take even longer.
  3. The main issue is that you need to have something to do in the meanwhile...
    I think @Hazard was working on one... You can go with an alcher, but i think it would increase banrate... :s i don't know, i am a retard ;D
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