Hey guys :P

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  1. Heard about this bot on hf, supposedly good/low ban rates.
    checked it out and found out arbiter owns it/ is on the dev team (not sure which)
    decided to donate because arbiter is god of the old days :p

    Wadup ;p
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  2. Hm, I was watching boxxy vids today :|
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  3. nice nice, welcome to the community
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  4. All hail the queen of the internet!
    Welcome to RuneMate.
  5. Shes just so god damn hot because of her voice...
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  6. Hello Boxxy, welcome to the forums!
  7. Welcome, bud.
    heil boxxy
  8. Hey man! Thanks for your donation and welcome. :)
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  9. Welcome to RuneMate mate
    Happy botting!
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  10. nice to know we have some boxxy enthusiasts on the forum :)
  11. no problem mate. :) nice to see you're back in action.
  12. Did you hear about it on my thread here?
    Anyhow welcome to runemate mate :D
  13. nah mate, sorry :/ some guy was asking about ban rates and sombody mentioned this bot.
  14. You can quote the person your message is directed at by clicking the "reply" button right of their comment. That way they get notified when you say something to them :)

    You probably were already aware but just in case you weren't :p
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