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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by PhaseCoder, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys some of you may know me some may not, I have been apart of the botting communitys since the early days of scar & srl and rsbot && kbot kick off, I use to go by the name of Scaper, and have scripted for just about every bit going, and giveing my hand to the community.

    I have been looking around the community here for the past couple of days and like what I am seeing and like the way the api is and the bot been developed, so I am going to be stopping here and giving more to this community I have been out the scene for a while, but i am now back.

    So hey
  2. Awesome! Welcome to our little phenomen called "RuneMate" :).

    RSBot is much talk and bullshit...

    RuneMate is less talk and more results :)

    Enjoy your stay!

  3. I haven't took part in rsbot community for about 2 years :)
    Most the guys I worked along side of when selling scripts bots are here also by the looks of things.
  4. The community is good but the developers...
  5. Long time ago since I've heard KBot from anyone! It's a shame it shut down.

    Welcome to the forums, PhaseCoder :)

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