Hey, I'm Coke!

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  1. Some of you might know me, but most might not. I'm a fairly young guy who lives in the United States (New York). I have the average interests; video games, TV shows, casual forums, etc. A few months back I used to run a 07 botting forum, powerBuddy (bad memories). We had a bot and all but things never went right, so it died quickly. I learned most of the skills that I know through that. This includes administration, web design work, and little server work. I gained experience, too. Beyond that, my RuneScape botting history is minimal. I casually botted back in 2009 up until 2011. My botting days died when RSBuddy died. I'm here now with huge hopes for this project.

    It's looking great here.
  2. Welcome :)
  3. Welcome to the project Coke, expect good things to come ;)
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  4. Hey mate! Remember me? :D
  5. Yup! It was nice to see you here :).

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