Hey there! New to community, have a few questions

Discussion in 'General' started by Saicon, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Hey fellow botters... its been a long time... Some say they quit playing when eoc was released, but i truly quit when Rsbuddy ceased to exist. I was on TriBot for a while, but after many bans I had to look for something else.
    I know that Arbiter, one of rsbuddy devs, is here but what about the others?
    I remember rsbuddy had the best scripts bots out there, most of tribot's scripts bots suck... How would you rate the script bot's quality in here? Which scripts bots are a must have (like that one fighter in rsbuddy... damm i miss it, got me maxed)?

    Happy to be here!
  2. Almost every script bot is top-notch.

    You honestly can't go wrong. :)
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  3. For a client that is still in beta, our script bot writers have produced some very nice bots. I have been using them for months now with no bans.
  4. good! thats the way to start things
  5. Everything is pretty great. Just try to use scripts bots that have been updated in the past couple of weeks since those are less prone to breaking.

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