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  1. Finally bothered to sign up... after over a year about knowing about this site and visiting a few times a month. But still, I bothered to in the end.
  2. Oh look, the "powerbot is the best bot preacher" comes to RuneMate. How ironic
  3. Hey Harrier, good to see you here!
  4. Haven't used since around 3 months before RS3... Guessing you're a butthurt faggot?
    Edit; PS, I only bothered to sign up since falixus is here. Not to use the bot, I'd prefer to use others.
  5. Welcome mate.
  6. Sure, I'm the butthurt faggot when you keep telling people that use other clients to fuck off from pb and stay on their client. You can talk to Falixus on skype and not join, but u chose to take some time to join. Get the fuck outta here.
  7. I think you've gotten me confused with someone else lmao
  8. popcorn.gif
  9. Hey, your behavior is starting to become obnoxious.
  10. lol who is this newfag

    Sup bud. :p
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  11. Should of signed up ages ago :p Now I have a newfag join date :'(
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