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  1. hey guys,

    i am wondering,...
    why are these so cheap? :eek:

    i am not advertising, but i was looking for a vps... and came up with these
  2. Shared cpu probably; else it's a big scam; $7/m for 6gb ram & 10gbit..
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  4. Did some research and its been out for 2 years already with good feed back.
  5. vpsdime is great, been around a few years, but their TOS explicitly states no runescape bots on them and will terminate. Also, they will auto restart the budget vps if you use all your cores for more than 10 mins at a time or something like that. (Runemate will most likely do that)

    I'd look for another one if you want to bot.
  6. Is the google cloud service good for botting?
  7. Why not runescape botting? xd
  8. Only on their budget vps, but most likely cause it uses so much cpu.
  9. hmm ok thanks :D

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