How avoid bans???

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by lukasjuoz, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Is there any way i could lvl up STR,ATK and Range without danger to my ACC using this bot?
  2. playing legit...dude..there will always be a chance of you risking getting banned whilst using any bot...however, you decrease the possibility by botting less frequently...6 hours a day is a sweet spot for me.
  3. Yeah the bot is awesome, currently level 117 purely botted with a 1100 total level but maybe i'm just lucky.
  4. are you using 6h non stop bot or for exp. 3times for 2 hours. and is that how long you using bot or total time spend on RS in day?
  5. that's how long I use the bot per day...and yes 6 hours straight
  6. and how long you are botting without ban?
  7. Since may 2015, i'm currently 92att/99str/93def/95hp,70 range/70magic and currently i have been botting for around 16 hours today.
  8. and you boting every day like that?
  9. Yeah pretty much, i have a nice little area all to myself so i rarely ever see anyone so i doubt i'm reported alot if at all for me i think that is the key find seclusion.
  10. Wait for Spectre²
  11. what is that ?

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