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  1. So recently i have gotten the idea to start goldfarming a bit in RS07 to make a little bit of extra cash.
    Now the problem is that i was making quite alot of account with 60/60/60 combat stats, but they all got banned after a while of training.
    I started training new accounts, eventually after that 1 and still all got banned.
    So this is probably now an IP flag.
    How to i take this on smarter? How do i get my IP unflagged.
    I can't even get an account to 60/60/60 without a ban.
  2. Do you bot multiple accs per ip? if your bottingmultiple accs on same ip in same location i always seemed to get banned @OSRS
  3. I only bot on 1IP, don't know how to change it.
    Yes i was botting 2-3 at the time, also a problem.
    Now i just want 2-3 max to train and reach my stats so i can start.
  4. Change your IP. Then bot smart. Make all stats to 2-10 levels. Sometimes join a chat or talk to some people around you who are having a discussion. Never start a convo and then leave. That shit doesn't work. Its actually very easy to not get banned.
  5. If you have a dynamic IP, simply turn off your modem/router, wait 60 seconds then plug it back in.

    I also suggest you delete all of your Jagex cache files and uninstall Runescape completely from your system, then install it again with a fresh download.
  6. Thanks for these tips.
    I don't think i have a dynamic IP, any other methodes?
  7. It'd be unusual to not have a dynamic IP. You normally have to request a static (one that never changes) IP from your ISP

    Call your ISP and ask them if you have a dynamic IP address, and if not, if they can change your IP for you.
  8. Run your bots within a VM or VPS, and only run them within that environment. You can set up a proxy for that VM to run on to completely disassociate them from your local machine. Don't bot things which have a long set-up time (ie combat) if you're looking for profit. Make throwaway accounts with little to no investment.

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