How do I get started?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Factionless, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. By saying how do i get started, I mean how do I start writing scripts bots for Runemate. I've never made scripts bots before, and I'm looking to get in to it. First what I need to know is how do I run local scripts bots on runemate? I'd love if you guys could give me more info on everything. Thanks :)
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    Damn that support lmao
  2. Perhaps you can start by looking though the tutorial section for start up guides...
  3. I DID. But Aidden, your guide wasn't in there when I looked, so sorry for being a bother...
  4. YOU'RE NOT MY BROTHER, good luck :)
  5. Actually it was, it was posted on wednesday and this thread was posted thursday. It was stickied at the top. You're not being a bother, but with this influx of new members i need to make sure that they know what to do rather than just asking without looking. Anyway, let me know if the guide helps you :)
  6. I followed your guide, and got to the eclipse part and the SVN couldn't be connected. Or something. And the new java version was making my computer buggy so I had to uninstall it. So I guess I can't be a scripter without jdk 8.
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    I didn't call you my brother....
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    Oh also this thread was posted on March 3rd and nobody replied... it was just the double post merged thing that was posted on thursday.
  7. Ahh no wonder :) Hmm well we can help you out with the svn problem. And java shouldn't cause system problems. What happened when you installed jdk 8?
  8. When I installed the jdk that was in the eclipse guide, it started making java crash whenever I tried logging into Runescape. So I had to uninstall it.
  9. Only install the jdk in my guide, the jdk in the eclipse guide is probably outdated as that was written a while ago.
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    And you probably downloaded a version of jre because the jdk doesn't run runescape the jre does.
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  10. Ok I did, and it seems to be working, still having the subversive problem. For svn.

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