How does RuneMate compare to Tribots antiban?

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  1. So tri has:
    ABCL (timing, reaction, hovering etc is all unique to each account)
    Real human mouse based upon real human mouse biometric data
    Looking Glass - client hooks into normal clients (firefox, official client, Osbuddy) so jagex see's you using OBsuddy etc instead of unsigned client.

    How does RuneMate compare to this?
  2. if (client = runemate) {
  3. Runemate > all. Runemate is the master race
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  4. While your humor is welcome, I still am not sure about my question of RuneMates biometric mime-ation.
  5. I know 5 different people who went from scratch to completely maxed.

    Never heard of TriBot probably because it's shit.

    The only thing you hear people talk about is Runemate. It's the best /Thread closed.
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  6. I want to believe.

    But does anybody have any proof?
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    I'll be buying some premium scripts bots and starting new accounts to see how far I can get, everyone here surely seems agreed on your point.
    But I'd still like to know, just what makes runemate better.
  7. Ask



    No one else cares, Why you ask!?! Trust!


    The hardest thing to find nowadays and like a needle in the haystack on the internet.

    You know why Runemate is best, because Arbiter and cloud have earned all of our respect by being 100% transparent and 100% truthful and guiding us through their processes and thoughts. Not many companies,.....NO other companies would do that

    A botting is an experience its not all about the auto ban. It's nice to be able to have confidence in the superiors, when they say they will fix something it gets fixed. If someone needs help, people help them.

    Runemate is not a bot Runemate can not be defined. We are an ever growing family and we are happy to welcome you to it.
  8. I have been botting for 6 months now haven't had a single ban.
    Bot smart, that's just what you need to do, since you're new let's give you a tip, if you start a new account, start legit and then bot.
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  9. I suppose it'd also be worth metioning @Arbiter worked with jacmob on rsbuddy which was the best bot to ever exist so he knows what hes doing.
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  10. I must admit, I am very impressed with what I am seeing so far, maxi fisher is very smooth.
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    However, what gives me hesitation is seeing how twitchy and fast the mouse is, also, it doesn't seem to have any antiban, it just clicks the fishing spots. I admit, this makes me nervous. (Doesn't appear to move mouse for any other reason, like to check other tabs or adjust mouse)
  11. Clouse is based on biometric statistics for mouse movements, they're random every time and can create some odd patterns. I believe this is mainly why RuneMate is so safe.

    From personal experience, I can say that my accounts last botting for 2 weeks for 18 hours a day without a ban. Same IP, same accounts, same PC.

    In all honesty, I think you're being over-sensitive. Just remember that on any account you bot on, no matter the client or safety precautions, be prepared to lose it because of a ban.
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  12. I've used about 16 accounts in the last month or so. This being darkscape not a single ban.
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  13. RuneMate is like Mike Tyson, the other botting clients are like 8 year old chubby kids :)
    That looking glass is kinda intresting though :)
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  14. Tribot only started implementing those types of things long after we did. We've been using biometrics based on the way you as an individual play for a very long time. When you play in our client we analyse your gameplay and make the bot adapt to behave more like you. Our mouse movements are real human movements that are collected (and of course filtered) from people playing legit in the client. We collect many thousand mouse movements on a daily basis. In addition to all that, PlayerSense adds further uniqueness to each botting experience without bot authors having to add any custom code.
  15. You have real human movements 1st or tribo* ?
  16. Runemate was the first botclient to have that :)
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  17. Wow! So if I played legit on the client, it customized the mouse and reaction times? So I should 'prep' my bot by playing legit, or is this unnessary?
    Also, is Clouse the mouse movement?

    Could you elaborate on what PlayerSEnse does (curious)
    And, do I simply play legit on the Runemate client to customize my bots finesse?
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  18. It's advised to play legitimately for at least 30 mins so the bot can learn. Just do a quest or something :)
  19. I ran a bot on the client already, is the biometric collected screwed now? Or is the collection only enabled when a script bot is off, so I can still inject pure human data?
    & is this automatic or must I enable it?
  20. It's automatic. Don't expect it to be screwed at all.

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