How Good is my Botting Strategy?

Discussion in 'General' started by zekeherald, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, very new to botting, and am using Cloud's Power Miner on OSRS. My strategy is basically mining two copper ore veins indefinitely and power mining until i get to a very high mining level. What should I do to avoid detection and is my strategy efficient? (Very new to RS as well)
  2. Well realistically it's inefficient to mine copper to a very high mining. I did iron until 80 and now I'm just waiting until there is a working LRC bot. However, to avoid detection you should ensure that you don't bot 24/7, ensure you take breaks from it like you would in real life. Go off and bot something else for a bit. I usually have the bot off while I work/sleep. To almost have a "sleep period".

    Ensure your mouse setting are not accelerated in the bot client as this is a dead give away to jagex if you're moving and clicking perfectly in milliseconds. And of course keep an eye on the bot to ensure that it is not fucking up for hours on end.

    And this isn't a thing that's recommended by most but I like to bot during night due to the low player count and I do so on a low pop world. This keeps reports down. However, Jagex will detect it if there is fishiness.
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  3. IMO it's not very efficient. One way to tell if someones a bot is if what they're training is illogical for their level, like lvl 70 atk/str/def accounts farming chickens
    I agree with this post, imo maintaining a reasonable schedule helps a lot.
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  4. This is how I have been botting since 2008 :)

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