How many bots ? What game AND A CLAN!!!

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by ajagur, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. How many accounts do you bot and what game, OSRS, RS3 or DS?
    I currently do 5 or 6 on OSRS, 4 WC's, 1 Fisher and 1 Melee.
    Also i bot 1 account on DS (Archer Pure)

    Also who would be interested in joining a clan/fc on RS3, OSRS and DS just for people of this community.
  2. Botting clans are deadly. Once Jagex finds out, we're all deadmen. Besides, being in one isn't half as fun as you think; they're really boring since nobody talks.
  3. I've botted on 25-30 bots on DMM a while ago, with my friend who had more than 30 at the time. We were on sparcmac live, Ardy knights thieving xd was so op, the killers made like 1/50 of what we've made, or we made even more i dont remembered, too bad its dead now
  4. Botting and fc/clan ain't gonna work.
  5. I don't see a point for a clan. To chat you can use the shoutbox or forums
  6. OP probably wants to recruit people and report them afterwards. Possibly because it may give him/her/it player moderator status... we've all been there, done that.
  7. wtf why would i report you xD i bot 10 accounts itd be pointless, id get banned
  8. Lol, are you familiar with the SW event powerbot hosted? You wouldn't have suggested this if you knew.
  9. They also had an SW who got money for letting one of his bots join a friends chat, that got ppl banned aswell.
    Luckily on runemate every update a bot author does gets reviewed by cloud :)
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