How many times until ip flag?

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  1. Thus far I have received 5 bans.

    First two had a bot busting ban before macroing ban. On the second ban I had a level 5 fletcher who got in the cross fire.

    Third ban came less than a day for killing men and fishing shrimps.

    Today's ban came after fletching 1 day on a 300 total level account. I took breaks and the scr1pt was MaxiFletcher. I'm at my wit's end. Am I not able to bot osrs anymore or is it because I'm ip flagged? FUCK
  2. Maybe it's because of what you bot?:eek:
    Also, play legit a week or two before you start botting. You should be safer that way.
  3. Do some questing helps
  4. Helps by how much? I have been playing legit for a week.
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    Is fletching high ban rate?
  5. Fletching is high ban rate. Questing helps, but don't overdo it because it'll all be wasted if you end up banned anyways.
  6. Mix up question, playing legit, doing multiple skills...
    Never make a fresh account and start botting :p
    I did that, and even with Runemate + the best script bot writer (@SlashnHax ) his figher bot, it got banned after 6h's :)

    So what did you learn.

    • When you make a fresh account, play legit for a while to begin,
    • Max bot 6h's a day,
    • Bot multiple things, or mash it up by botting for a while and playing abit legit,
    • DO QUESTS!!!! it shows jagex that you want to actually play the game,
    • Do some flipping in the GE and just stand there and talk abit,
    • Join a clan, and talk abit while botting < dont type when the bot clicks, you dont have 4 hands. DUH!
    • Just ask a random stranger a stupid question now and then, about their armour/cosmetic, or a piece of advice for levelling,
    • Dont bot skills with an obvious high banrate for more then 1h straight ( Fletching, Firemaking, Combat, Alching,....)
    • NEVER USE POWERBOT, Just keep it at Runemate,
    • Sometimes just don't login for a few days, no1 plays the game every day for long periods straight :p well not a "normal" person.
    • Make a schedule, bot from 6-9AM (b4 work) 16-19PM and 19.45-22PM Evening with dinner break < try acting human even as a bot. You are in control
    I can keep going on like this, but i think you get the point :p
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  7. Should I change my ip and do something about my hwid before trying again to be safe?
  8. Maybe that would be a good idea :) just call your ISP and ask what they can do for you :)
    My ISP allows 1 free Ip change per year :)
  9. I created an account, went straight to runespan, did that for like 3 hours, said screw it, then starting making my dung bot. Still no ban on that account, even with the early stages of being in a dung for like 2 hours, spam clicking doors and such haha.
  10. How is rs3 compared to osrs? I was told it was more lenient where you could bot 10 hours a day babysitting.
  11. Any chance you could give me some more details on the account and where you were botting?
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    Yeah bans are strange, I've made accounts walk east and click into the ocean for half an hour, one got banned while doing it, a few of them got banned within a week, others got banned after about 2 months. If I had more time and resources to do more proper tests I'd like to but I don't :/

    Also idk if spamclicking is a non-human thing, as long as it makes sense, I know MOBA players tend to spamclick in RS
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    IMO the age of the account makes a pretty big difference, it seemed like I lost a lot of younger accounts if I went and botted them straight away
  12. Is it likely that I am ip flagged after 5 bans? 3 of which were fletching? And does account age include in game age or counting from account registration? Can I make an account, go through tutorial island, go away, and start botting a month later?
  13. I actually advise just buying a noobie account of like level 40-50 somewhere. Username login of course. Preferably one that has been a member before.
  14. Does a decade old level 5 work? Also, can the account be many years old (e.g 2008) to bot on osrs?
  15. Could you add this step to your guide to stay safe?
    • Make a schedule, bot from 6-9AM (b4 work) 16-19PM and 19.45-22PM Evening with dinner break < try acting human even as a bot. You are in control
    It works really good for me :)
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  16. I'll see what I can do ;)
  17. I would suggest that you use a VPN to change IPs before you bot, that's what I did.

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