how safe is it to bot now?

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  1. i haven't played rs in a while and wondered if the ban rate has gone up?

    i have 1b gold on my acc looking to bot to 120 herblore
  2. About the same as before depending on what you're doing. Herb shouldn't be that bad; afaik fishing, hunter, and the obvious training spots are a lot more risky than something like herb. Thats for osrs, not too sure if there's a difference for rs3.
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  3. Just bot on w2 burthorpe and you'll be safe.
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  4. If you compare exact bot "playstyles" between now and then - detect-ability has reduced (especially with the introduction of Spectre and Clouse).

    But botters will be botters - bot safe and don't get greedy and you'll be just fine :)
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  5. Agreed with party bot smart you'll be fine. I tend to bot skills switch over do some legit questing, few barrows runs etc and I'm ok
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  6. But we need more scripts bots guys! :D for example pyramid plunder thieving would be awesome! or normal hunter, old school runescape
  7. can post suggestions in the bot request section
  8. ATM i have botted like 110 hrs in 6-7 days. still not banned, so i guess its kind of safe
  9. You should get familiar with the bot requests section then :)
  10. Anyone have some good sites I could use?

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