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  1. Hello everybody,

    A little bit of background information: I have been botting on RuneScape since early 2009 and have managed to achieve over 80 skillcapes spread over multiple accounts. Today, I want to share some tips on minimizing your chances of getting banned. Rule number one is that there is always the risk of getting banned and that if you don't want to lose your account, you simply shouldn't bot.

    In this guide we keep two factors for getting caught for botting in mind: the chance you trigger Jagex's bot detecting system, and the chance that other players identify you as a bot and report you. Before I go into detail, there is one rule of thumb: Your aim is to simply blend in with the crowd.

    The account itself:
    For best results, your account should meet most of these criteria
    • The account should be at least more than 6 months old; username login accounts are perfect
    • Don't look like a bot; get a fancy outfit but don't wear unusual items to avoid people asking you about it
    • Have every skill trained; there is nothing more suspicious than a level 3 with all stats one but 80+ Woodcutting
    • Have some useful quests done and wear quest items; the standard botter doesn't do quests
    • If you plan to use a new account on Old School RuneScape, do Tutorial Island by hand.
      • The Old School team has said (source needed) that they catch most botters within 24 hours. There may be a relation between heavily watching the Island and fast bans. I'm not sure, but for a 8 minute task it's better to be safe than sorry.
    Your botting techniques:
    Where to be and how to behave when botting
    • Make sure you use high quality bots; if a bot doesn't work properly then don't use it and notify the Bot Author that is bot his broken. Be detailed when you do so they can locate the problem quickly and fix the bot.
    • Avoid any location that is often often botted at; Jagex checks botting hotspots often, so do 'bot hunters'
    • Don't bot the same thing day after day; keep switching between skills or methods at least every other day
    • Do things bots don't do; complete a quest regularly, do farm runs, buy/sell things, etc.
    • Talk and interact with the players around you; say hi, ask things like "Whats the best method to 80 Cooking?"
    • Don't bot for long periods; always keep it under 6-8 hours a day and bot on times during which you'd normally play.
      • The average player plays for 2 hours during weekdays, and 2 hours and 32 minutes in the weekend.1
    • Don't stay in the same world days upon days; change what world you're in every few hours or at least daily.
    • When chatting, only type while the bot is idling; keep it real and remember a humans has only two hands
    Do not become greedy! The fact you weren't banned before is because you were careful or lucky - you're not invincible.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Wether you get a ban or not depends on many, many factors. Because of that there is no real numbers or formula available to calculate an accurate banrate per bot let alone for the whole client. Follow the guidelines above and make sure you use high quality bots for the best botting experience.
    Let's remind ourselves that the main goal is going unnoticed. You go unnoticed in two occasions; when you are in an area with a huge amount of people, and when you are on your own. I prefer to do so called bankstanding skills or activities that don't require a specific spot (like high-alchemy) in a very busy area such as the Grand Exchange. Some bots however don't do well in The Grand Exchange so as alternative I would go after banks where you wouldn't expect someone to come and talk to you specifically. For skills that require you to be at a specific spot I prefer to be in empty worlds where I expect no-one else to come. All in all make sure that there is either 10+ people around you or make sure you are alone.
    Good point. My own philosophy is that not using your home IP only brings suspicion to your account and therefore I would not recommend hiding your IP when botting on your main account(s). If you goldfarm while also botting on your main(s) then I suggest to hide your IP on these goldfarm accounts while not hiding it on your main account to make sure JaGeX can't link these goldfarming accounts to your main. Remember that this, of course, only works if the goldfarming accounts have never logged in on your home IP before as I'm sure Jagex keeps these logs at least for a respectable amount of time.
    From my experience? No. If you are running just two accounts and maybe even three, then I think that the chance you get banned stays the same. After all, there is many people who play on two accounts at the same time. However, I do believe that running say five or even more can alarm Jagex. Who knows, but just two or three is safe and nothing to worry about.

    Interesting posts:
    Used sources:
    1: Mod MMG on Myths and Misconceptions

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  2. This is great for people new to botting :) Too bad all my username accounts are banned thanks to powerbot, but this account im using right now is over a year old haha :)
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  3. Jagex do not ban bots based on anything above. Neither do the login time to matter.
    Everything above is false
  4. Care to elaborate on that? I'd love to see you explain how not being dressed as a bot doesn't lower your chance on getting reported for example. And how your chance to get banned doesn't get lowered by not botting in botting hotspots where Jagex checks a lot. To state a few.
  5. Solid tutorial. Had my main live from 2007 to a few weeks ago likes this, until I decided to suicide bot fishing on OSRS (couldn't be more stupid).
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  6. Thumb rule is to not have a schedule, interact with players, and mingle in heavily populated areas. Botting since 2009 and only got rolledback once for a few levels.
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  7. @hey has very unique beliefs on how Jagex detects bots as I recall from a brief conversation we had earlier. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion; his just so happens to be wrong.

    The tl;dr to bot detection is that Jagex has developed (or can develop at any time) models for how humans behave (acceptable ranges for online time, algorithmic estimates for effects of tiredness, behavioral similarity to common botting practices, etc.) and have each of these models act as flags. Set off too many of these flags and you get the banhammer.

    P.S. Oversimplification for verbosity's sake. Surely the flags are weighted, ranges statistically distributed, etc. As a disclaimer, these explanations are purely speculative, but if I know Jacmob half as well as I think I do and I am half as intelligent as he is, this is the way he would do it because it's the way I would do it.

    P.S.S. All this being said, I would imagine most bot clients aren't even getting into the behavioral analysis portion. There is probably a tier one non-intensive analysis that is done to catch the clients that have fallen for Jagex's traps and/or utilize hacks/shortcuts that are easily detected. That would explain why certain bot clients are being called out by name by Jagex and accounts being banned simply for logging in through the client without even running a bot.
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  8. Chapeau. :)
  9. also is safer if u use proxy and change ip every six hours
  10. Wouldn't the multiple IPs just attract attention to your account?
  11. of course if u use 2 ip one from china and one from us yes.... :)
    but i have a personal idea, jagex track how long a ip is on an account and not how long a account is logged in, just a idea
  12. I don't think Jagex is too fond of IP's from China lol
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  13. just saying to ip from opposite parts of the glove, ok so Chile and Russia, Better? :)
  14. So it seems realistic to login from other sides of the world every other time? Seems like that would be very suspicious and would indicate either a proxy is in use or account sharing is occurring.
  15. for that i said don't use two different countries IP
  16. Ok I see what you mean, the IPs should be very close though, like a 2 hour drive. I don't really see the point in using 2 proxies though, it isn't likely that Jagex counts login time based on IP because that would seem very unnecessary.
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  17. idk i tested lot of suicide account, and if u change ip's they survive more
  18. No, it actually gets them banned faster but goldfarmers still do it so Jagex wont find out what IP their gold mule is attached to.
  19. You missed one of the biggest ones, the ip address.
  20. "A Quest a day keeps the Ban Hammer away!"

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