RS3 How to catch Grenwalls with Defeat3d's Chinchompa hunter

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  1. I recently got 99 Hunter because of CP Chinchompa hunter by using the bot to hunt for Grenwalls.
    The experience aside, this is also a nice way of making money, varying about 1-1.5m an hour.
    The name of the box traps that have a Grenwall or Chinchompa in it, are the same so the bot doesn't know the difference between them.
    Note that this is not completely self-sufficient, checking back every half an hour is necessary but at least you don't need to do all the clicking!

    Requirements en recommendations:
    • Medium Tirannwn Tasks (vital!) to make sure you no longer need to bait Grenwall traps. This is essential as without the completion of these tasks, the traps need to be baited and that is necessary to use the bot to catch Grenwalls. The tasks have a large amount of requirements, you can find all here:
    • Level 77 Hunter. This is needed to catch the Grenwalls. If you don't meet this requirement you will only be catching the Pawyas :)
    • Bonecrusher and Herbicide. This is needed to get rid of the bonus and herbs because you will get them (bones always, herbs vary but I destroyed most of them). I kept only the dwarf weeds and lantadymes. To get rid of all the herbs you can either:
      > Destroy all your herbs with your Herbicide.
      > Destroy most of the herbs, but have the quest 'Deadliest Catch completed. Then you can use the bank deposit box when hunting in the Tirannwn area (pic 1).
      > Bank the herbs in the deposit box in the Gorajo Resource Dungeon (pic 2) in Elf City (requires completion of Plague's End).
    • You will also catch some Pawyas. They give Pawya meat but it's not stackable so your inventory will fill up quite fast. You can bind them to your action bar and activate keyboard in the RuneMate client, then drop them by spamming the corresponding key on your keyboard. You can also bank them but they're not worth a lot.
    • 4 or 5 box traps, depending on your level. From level 80 onward you can use 5 box traps!
    • Some attention: check back at your computer every like half an hour to see how the bot is catching those poor Grenwalls.

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:

    Feel free to embed the pics and put them in a spoiler, kinda failed there :(
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  2. Is a nice way If you have that tasks to don't use bait.

    Yesterday Defeat3d uploaded his hunting bot with grenwalls added at GUI, I tested and I think that this function isn't fully enabled yet, but If stills not working well I'll (try) follow your instructions to make the bot "better". :p
  3. Grenwalls without baiting isn't really supported yet because I haven't added banking. This method should work though. :)
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  4. What's the xp/h with Grenwalls?
  5. But can I hunt the grenwalls using bait without banking for now using your bot..? If yes, how set up it to do this?
  6. Just select the "Use pawya" option in the Grenwall settings. You'll run out of bait though.
  7. Sad. Banking seems perfect... :p

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