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  1. Hello everyone, Since the bot client is currently down ( </3 ) I thought this would be a good time to educate the members of this fine community on how to play Runescape(tm) LEGIT(in this guide it will be focusing on woodcutting)! This may come as a shock to some of you but I ask to hold all questions till after reading the guide. Thank you.

    Step 1: Open the Official Runescape(tm) Launcher.

    Step 2: Log in by manually typing your login information.

    Step 3: Find optimal tree to chop.

    Step 4: Chop away

    Thank you for reading. If you would like any other guides please let me know. Actually do this because I would want to make some guides, just give me some suggestions. Thanks!
  2. 8/8 guide m8 would rate again
  3. scapelog is nice
  4. Haha good to see some humor atm :p
  5. that's me when afkin on youtube
  6. Haha :p there was a time when I did that too xD
    Whats your favorite youtube channel?
  7. A guide on multitasking while playing RS would be nice
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  8. How about a guide on how to quit this crack like addiction to runescape (and thus botting).
  9. This should be stickied
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  10. PowerfulJRE
  11. Good one. :D

    Am I the only one that read those SpongeBob slides in the original narrator's voice? Damn.
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  12. Spongebob <3
  13. When you say multitasking do you mean other games/videos/online things or irl stuff
  14. Whatever you believe you can write the funniest guide on
  15. Lmao write a guide on unbanning an account.
  16. Didnt work for me
  17. It doesn't work for Dortmund supportersxdddd
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  18. Re-download irl.exe and stupidlylongtrainingtime.exe
  19. I know this is a meme thread but since the shoutbox is disabled: Does anyone know if it's SAFE to use legit client on a non-throwaway? I always used the RM client on my main and rarely ran any bots on it, but if Jagex can detect the difference between their client and RM, I don't want to risk it.

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