RS3 How to powerlevel my farming ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Microsoft, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Hello, my current level is 26, but I want to get up to level 60 as fast as possible.
    Money is not an issue, but if possible I want to bot it.
  2. Option 1:
    Grand seed pots (Grand seed pod)
    Give 100 farming xp each
    Option 2:
    Bagged plants (Bagged plant 1)
    Gives 31xp/ea
    Option 3:
    Get seedicide (Seedicide) and kill monsters, pref aquanites.
    Video explaining that:
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  3. i would prefer u to get a seedicide and farm on aquanites like the manager showed on his 3.option..very nice exp+moneymaking
  4. Thx for your reply.

    Option 1 doesnt work well, as you have to wait 5-10 seconds to arrive in grand tree.
    When arrived, you cant simply launch it again.

    Option 2: Should work but its a pain in the ass, and currently no bots for this.

    Option 3: Should work, but to get seedicide, I'll have to play no-life for 3 days just to get the seedicide :p
  5. damn i just saw this on rs wiki:

    Because Aquanites drop large amounts of seeds, when combined with a seedicide, they can be useful for training farming. This generally requires level 74 farming to be effective because you must have the proper farming level in order for the seedicide's effect to activate.
  6. Why don't you do some tree runs?
  7. The last one is a game that that gnome/leprecon does at all farming patches.
    But then again, takes time. I had the same problem but i did livid farm, and before that i just clicked on seed pods.
  8. Tree runs + all other farming runs. This is by far the fastest way, but the negative thing is that you can't be lazy.
  9. Someone make a bot for this plox lol.
  10. Used to be one on an old botting site in 2010, gets like 10k-20k farm xp/hr. Look it up and ask someone, i don't get the minigame myself.
  11. VineSweeper is from lol.
    Your sure its safe and legit ?
  12. sorc garden is good xp for farming, shame the bot thats in the store doesn't work
  13. The bot does work, but isnt 100% accurate.
    I decided to go with option 3 @Manager posted.
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    Can anyone please tell me the best monster to kill ?
    My slayer is a little above 60, and my farming is a little above 30.

    [Afraid to give the exact levels, as Jagex might be watching :p]
  14. Try banshee's, abberant spectres,... just any monster you see fit that drops some seeds.
  15. Turoths 55 slayer
  16. I just did divine herb patches till i could do Livid Farm :)
    Took me a while but hey... @Hazard was making a Farm running bot before he temp. "quited" RM :'(
  17. Before I got a more sophisticated bot, I set up an free mouse macro and would set it up for farm runs with a side skill in-between. I

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