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    Since a lot of you guys don't know how to bot I'll teach you how to.
    1. Download RuneMate for your Operating System (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
    2. Add some bots from the Bot Store.
    3. Install and run RuneMate.
    4. Login to the RuneMate client
    5. Add an Account [​IMG]
    6. You should now arrive at a screen like this, simply enter your login details and if you are not using a bank PIN select None
    7. Now that you have an account, simply select one of your bots that you added from the repository and click the green "Play" button
      You will arrive at a screen that looks like this [​IMG]
    8. Under the account dropdown menu next to the bot name you'll see the account you added
    9. You'll arrive at the screen that makes you select which RuneScape client you are going to be using, it'll look like this
    10. Once you've selected the client it will have a check mark over it like this
    11. You'll now get a menu that looks like this [​IMG] (for Celestial Fisher at least)
    12. Now that' you've Pressed "Play" it'll do its thing ;)
    Happy botting!​
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