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  1. All i can say is thank you ;3 Been using it since level 32 :)


    @Defeat3d <3
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  2. With all these 99's being reached without issues, I feel kinda like a new era in botting has started.

    Congratulations with your achievement!

    PS: Where are you botting? I dont recognize the location.
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  3. Crimson Skillschompas. Usually lasts only an hr unless you have enchanted water tiara
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  4. Nopeee, i left it on for 15 hours straight. All you need is a regen brace and you're good to go ;)
  5. Nice, I'm thinking of going for 99 hunter too, but it's a tedious process-.-
  6. howmuch profit was it in that run? i guess its about 1-2m an hr?
  7. Yeah, got 70mil banked on my alt, and 12 mil on this character.

    Also bought full Gano, bandos, armadyl, karils etc. 78 mil cash on alt + 12 mil @ level 98, still got 700k xp left to go, that'll be another mil or six.
  8. Oh for real? Damn dude, you just got me a reason to move from azure :)
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  9. I skipped the lizzards and did azure's till i could catch crimsons :) Currently catching 153k xp/hour :D
  10. Ooooh shit. I'm gonna have to look into that ;)
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  11. No problem man, glad you enjoy it. :p
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  12. did you only do skillchompas till 99 . No red or grey chins?
  13. Skillchompas only :) I'm almost @ 30 mil XP, going for my 120 cape :3
  14. Oooo, let me know how that goes!
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  15. just got 27-59 overnight - thanks @Defeat3d working great!
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  16. I'm botting on ors AND rs3 atm for CRAZY gp gains XD. Started yesterday on ORS, bought a bond with money earned from crimsons. I'm 62 hunter atm :D Starting red chompas tomorrow! 3mil/6hours == 27mil rs3 + 10mil = 37 mil every night <3
  17. There is no way you are getting 500k/h at hunter.
  18. Mind the price difference between the two and the street market value. Check out Zybez to see what people are buying them in for.

  19. I assume that's for osrs, because of "Zybez". Anyhow, that's crazy amounts of cash/h:eek:
  20. The catch rate in ors is rngaf :S There's also a lack of worlds :( Usually people just crash the place i hunt at.

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