I Can Officially Say Botting Is Now Pointless

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  1. I stopped botting for a few years now to avoind being banned and I decided to give it another try well i took it easy only botting 4 hours a day for about three day changing up my skills (with breasks inbetween...grand exchange). Well what do you know I woke up and bam 2 day ban. I just renewed my member ship yesterday ughh what a waste.
  2. Okay mr. official
  3. Wow lol I never even botted for any serious amounts of time. I got a membership and botted for a hour with a timer set on my iPad, played legit with quests for the last few hours then just got kicked out randomly and logged in to a permanent ban. I wish I'd get a 2 day lol
  4. I don't believe this one bit, I bot for 6 hours plus on my main every single day yet I haven't been banned once?
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  5. Botting nowadays is way riskier than what it was a couple years ago.
  6. My main rs account dates back to 2012. So it's not like I started bottling a fresh account... and tbh guys you shouldn't be saying "I don't believe that one bit" because that is what got me back into botting false statements like that. If someone gets a macro ban dobt deny it, acept the fact that it is becoming impossible until something better is released.
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    Now don't get me wrong I'm not mad. Just pissed at jagex for ruining my botting fun. I have more enjoyment returning to the computer finding out I advanced a few levels. Then to sit there feeling like I'm wasting my life away.
  7. I started botting on a character I made when Old school was released, that character never got banned and I logged into it just a few days ago and fired up a bot and got myself banned the next day.
    It's not the frequency in which you're doing it.
    It's not the amount that you are doing it.
    It's not the account you're doing it on.
    If you've ever had a ban on your ip related to macros, you're flagged; and they will keep a closer eye on your activity.
    Use bots that do not have five thousand users like Maxi's bots or the tutorial bot.
    If you're looking to not lose an account you're attached to, I'd recommend not botting at all because it is bound to happen; gold farmers face this issue on the daily and the only way to minimize the loss is through private bots, vpns and proxies.
    P.s. No one said they don't believe you
    P.s.s. This is exactly the reason Spectre is being developed, to counter the measures taken by Jagex to catch bots which has obviously increased a bit.
    What I'll never understand is why put so much resources into trying to cease these actions.
    Edit: Oh someone did say they don't believe you.
    I'd review safe botting practices. It's quite a read.
  8. I'm botting with care atm, still hoping for spectre.
  9. Meanwhile i'm running 6 Wine bots on RS3 24/7 without any mouse movements for the past 5 days without an issue.
  10. It all comes down to luck boys, time and again we have had this age old discussion. Why do some get banned and not others? Jagex doesn't have the time to ban every single bot out there so just imagine that if Jagex has checked your account at least once for botting and you haven't been caught yet it might be safer to keep botting on that account. New accounts are likelier to be monitored as well I believe.
  11. Im not sure why they do it either. its a mystery. if they want ppl to stop botting then they should add a bot ingame to weed out the slow process of gathering resources. when i bot its not for money or anything that would harm the company. i bot to get a character high enough to play fondly without extensive work into it. they still ban me for try to stimulate the economy for tyhe other darkscapers that need those resources. WHEN WILL JAGEEX LEARN!!!????
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  12. Why do you come on here and lie? just the other day you were crying about a ban, u then messaged me about how I bot and not get banned... its idiots like you that make people think RM is safe.

    FYI, I'm not siding with any particular client however... With Epicbot i go for weeks without bans, RM takes hours.... Thats the facts... not opinion.. or conspiracy.
  13. The age of Runemate is over, it's just not worth it anymore, most everyone I know that used Runemate over the past month or so has been banned, very thankful that I have not. I'm done botting now, never again just don't wanna lose my account. Unless you are suicide gold-farming AVOID BOTTING WITH RUNEMATE AT ALL COSTS!!! You have been warned.

    EDIT: Also I know everyone says "wait for spectre bro" but who knows when or if it will ever be released, I mean just look at the countdown banner at the top of the site, that's just unprofessional. About to cancel my supporter status.
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  14. Honestly I'm just going to wait for the release of Genesis RID. If it comes out I don't mind paying monthly, long as it works and does what the bot says ill be happy. But the way things are going far as release dates... that is a whole other story for both Spectre and Genesis falling way behind on both release dates.
  15. lol I swear it's the same people who don't read the 'safe botting practices' who get banned everytime. I bot 6-8 hours daily, in fact. I've lost count of how long I bot on my main for every day. On top of this I try and play legit- I do all my daily challenges legit and hop into my clan chat and talk for a bit everyday. Have never been banned using this client on a near maxed main.
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  16. Same here my friend, other than I am no where near maxed but a man can dream. I do quests legit and things like that and still bot for like 6 hours a day.
  17. its just this bot they pick up the software the other bots work perfectly
  18. I am not lying...... nor have I ever "cried" about a ban. When I messaged you I also never said ANYTHING about how to not get banned, I messaged you asking what you bot to make money. Get your facts straight before you talk shit. My last ban was in 2008 because a guy hacked my account and gave my password out, Jagex banned it for account sharing.
  19. I agree that the counter is very irritating and should be removed to avoid idiots getting confused.
    However, the counter was intended to mean that there is no clear ETA, because the time it takes until the new client is ready to be released is not simple to calculate.

    Furthermore, all those conspiracy morons who say "There is no ETA, plus the ETA has been extended twice, that means it is very likely that Spectre is never going to be released/is just a lie to get money" can please fuck off. This forum doesn't need cancer, and if you still maintain that opinion you probably don't need this forum any longer anyways.

    Edit: In the developer chat we get enough frequent footage that I can certainly say Spectre is not a lie, and it won't be delayed for a very long time neither.
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  20. Savior for president!@@@@@@@
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