I got banned, But that's not it ITS A TEMP BAN!!!!!

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Demonic0Sniper, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, Logged in today to bot some more and I have been temp banned for 48 hours.

    I have used maxi fletcher and maxicooker.

    Both are great scrips and i was running them in suicide mode.
    This is my own fault and I do not hold anything against anybody.
    That being said why wasent this a perma ban?'
    Dont pay attention to that thing at the bottom

  2. rs3 or osrs?
  3. Wasn't it a bot busting manual ban? Those are 48 hours by default.
  4. What do you mean by "suicide mode". Like in terms of botting consistency?
  5. They can't detect what bot you were using tho, +1 point for runemate
  6. 24/7 = suicide

    osrs isnt really bot safe, even with RuneMate it isnt :p
  7. I'd say this can be the only reason for a ban that is not permanent.
  8. RuneMate is defienitely safest client ever. Used all of them and get banned every time, although with RuneMate not even once.
  9. It was a 48 hour ban and yes it was manual.

    And by suicide botting i mean that i was botting straight for like 16 hours a day at 1 skill for weeks.
  10. At least not a permanent doe.
  11. How long were you botting? I mean, for how many days and how many hours each day? Interesting facts
  12. Is your account still alive or perma banned?

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