RS3 i need a personal script please

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by RobotPleaseWork, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. HI, I tried variers bots for fishing at cathby and I only found one good one that does the job (sort of) Called "Celetrial fisher"

    Using celestrial fisher it seems a bit slow and it got stuck for a while at the bank because it turned the camera and it was having a massive wall in its view so it couldnt find the bank staff.

    I am looking to pay someone for a decent amount to make me a bot that will fish shark, lobsters at cathby and bank them with some good anti ban movements in it.

    I will be paying under 100 pounds.
  2. Wat... Use celestial fisher.. Works perfectly fine and i've never come across anybugs. Just report them and they'll get fixed.
  3. I believe Celestial Fisher is working fine, same with my own SudoFisher bot.

    If you're finding a bug, you should report the bug in detail on the bot's thread.

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