I need help with the RUNEMATE client

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  1. Please can someone assist me on minimizing the client to hide mode so that its the tray, i don't know how to do it. Im trying to playing Counter strike while botting but its interfering with my mouse while i play and its making me look like a hacker in game hahah, this will get me an over watch ban at this rate.

  2. I love you, thank you very much. Should this stop the interference when playing csgo?
  3. It should never interfere, maybe it will. :p
  4. It only does with CSGO, and it shouldnt be seen by VAC right? I didnt have any trouble playing the star wars beta with it running which is strange.
  5. That's very weird, tagging @Cloud @Arbiter for possibly an explanation. :p
  6. hopefully there will be one :D
  7. The client does not interact with your actual operating system mouse/cursor. If it's jumping around it could be system lag that is in part caused by the client running.
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    Hiding to tray should help with performance a little.
  8. Alright, but CSGO is not a very power heavy game, i also run a £2500 PC that should handle both these running with no issues. Its just weird because when i hear clicking in the bot i cannot move my cursor on CSGO, and its cursor movements that i am not making, i can leave my mouse and it will move or twitch in the game. But this doesn't happen on any over game Ive tried.
  9. It's just not possible lol. I don't know what else to say. XD
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  10. But im not going crazy lol.. im pretty sure Runemate bot is the one causing this issue. I don't have it when the client is not running. It's really strange and thought id report it anyway.
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    If you have csgo your self, please try this out and test it. Youll see what i mean :D
  11. I play csgo daily, and I never hide my runemate client. I have never had these issues you speak of :D
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    This ^^

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