RS3 I think my ip is flagged.

Discussion in 'RS3' started by roflcopter19, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. All of my accounts are being banned here. I dont suicide, take breaks and change whatever skill im training. So i think im flagged. Anyone knows what to do out of experience? Never had this before. Thanks.
  2. I just use a vpn
  3. Did one of your accounts get banned a while before the others? If so, then it is flagged.
    Like Bone said, using a VPN/proxy is the best option for you at this point.
  4. Yes thats what happend. What site do you recommend for a good proxy\vpn?
  5. Well if you're looking to use it for free, HotspotShield ( has definitely been the best one for me as it doesn't have a time limit.
    Make sure you turn it off and initialize it again for each account you use it on to get a new IP.
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  6. Thanks! I'll try it out :p
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  7. Best of luck, man.

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