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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jesse, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, next Tuesday is my birthday and I'm turning 18 woot! (Potential felon!!) haha nah but anyway I'm coming into a bit of money, as I got a job earning $60 an hour, hahah yep you heard right! Got to love Australia. Anyway in the last 18 hours I have known about Runemate it is clear this website and client are superior to everything and anything out there and I would like to know if there is a one time donation/upgrade similar to powershit?

  2. Seems like there is a reoccurring one and a one time one, is that one time one, just for a month or forever?
  3. I believe it's just for a month, however the administrator who set it up was @Arbiter, not me. So I may be wrong.
  4. It is, indeed, just for a month. That being said, if you donation is sizable you deserve a longer subscription. Just PM me and we'll hash out the details. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

    P.S. So jelly @ $60/hr gtfo.
  5. I'm a personal trainer ahah, I train old rich ladies, I can charge whatever I want - $800-$1000 a week isn't too bad straight out of school. Will do thanks for the reply!
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  6. I made 8 grand in one month making architectural plans while in high school lol.
  7. I use to do a lot of unmentionables in highschool and spent like $10 a day in the canteen. Made most my cash selling gold from different games. I was never worried about grades at school because I knew I could support my way through life on my own intuition. If I restarted my gold business (cbf doing) I could easily make $1200+ a week, obviously that requires a lot of work and I cbf as I only have an i3 currently.

    @Arbiter do you fully support yourself from Runemate? or do you do freelance coding?
  8. Nah I have like four other jobs and I'm a college student lol. I don't really do any of it for the money; just to keep busy.
  9. Nice, loving the work ethic. I started out with personal training like that and one thing lead to another and I'm pretty set. Funny how things work out ^_^
  10. Ayyy Straya!
  11. support like a boss.
  12. @Arbiter speaking about personal training, have you started the program I made for you a couple of years back?
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