If your bot's mouse becomes slow after restarting it..

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by phl0w, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Run RuneMate using the following .bat (batch) code, it automatically resets the bot's cache for mouse settings which in turn fixes the slow mouse.

    Code (Text):
    2. @echo off
    3. title Start script
    4. if exist %USERPROFILE%\RuneMate\Cache\*.bio del %USERPROFILE%\RuneMate\Cache\*.bio
    5. java -jar RuneMate.jar
    6. pause
    Please note: I know this will be unnecessary in the future, but currently it's an annoyance and this is a way to not have to deal with it. I just thought some other people might find it useful.

    Credits go to [member=Viewer] for telling me what was causing the issue.
  2. Does the mouse bug not occur until after you restart your client?
  3. When there are no .bio files in the cache, the bot will work fine. When I close the bot, I assume the bot saves the mouse settings in those .bio files. So when I restart the bot, there will be .bio files and those .bio files make it so that the script bot becomes very slow.
  4. Well those .bio files are basically the training set that it collected from your movements within the client. Can you pm me your .bio files so I can take a look at them?
  5. My bots mouse also becomes slow after restarting, takes up to 10 seconds to perform an action.
    Or sometimes it just stops working.

    I'll upload my bio files the next time it happens.
  6. OSRS (MaxiFletcher) bot started out fine. I left to come back after awhile to find out I was logged out.
    I logged back in and clicked "Resume" button. and it continued where it left off but at TERRIBLY slow movement speeds and reaction.
    The RAM usage was at 2GB. So I restarted, now it was at 1GB but still terribly slow.

    Moving away my .bio files solved this. and the bot runs super fast now.

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