If you're not banned and have paranoia..

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  1. I tend to have paranoia quite often, I've got my own reasons, but I do like to call it 'reasonable paranoia', stuff that should perhaps be worried about.

    From off and on experience over the years, doing average minimum 10 hours a day, apart from client downtime and real life stuff getting in the way.. I'd like to give back to the Runemate community by offering some advice to those who haven't got banned:


    As painstaking as this may be, from getting stupid xp per day, to sitting there and actually doing it yourself like some scrub. People have always advised me in the past to switch up skills when botting, have rests, stuff like that to make yourself seem more human, and that's what it's all about. Making yourself look like a neckbeard to Jagex.

    How I see it:
    - You're bossing it, thousands of shrimps powerfished
    - Loving Runemate
    - Ban wave comes in, you go from hero to zero on Runescape
    - Stop playing because of Ban wave
    - Wait until bots are back up
    - Continue being a boss.

    Reckon that looks even a little suspicious? I don't know how they track people down for botting and such, but if i was working there and saw this kind of xp spike, then to log back on the day it all comes back, then to spike up again. I'd call them out to be honest.

    Is this reasonable paranoia to have?
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  2. You speak da truth man!
  3. It may look suspicious I agree on that part, however, Jagex will never bann someone for not playing. So keeping your head low now does not increase the level of suspicion I don't think
  4. Well, there's no way to tell for certain how they do it, until someone from jagex, spills the beans. But, personally, i think it's all about how many flags have been raised on your behalf!

    Just anything to keep them off your back! even if it's that quest you've been holding off or something simple like that
  5. Why have paranoia? The game is retardedly easy as it is. I've been playing F2P Darkscape and I got to combat level 60 in 1 day, total level 700 in 4 days and I don't even play that much, I could push it a lot harder.
  6. Do they ban people who suddenly get a shit ton of gold right after starting?
  7. what is a shit ton? I bought 30M rs3 and 7M osrs when i started playing (first day) no bans.
  8. 10m osrs and I'm gonna get like 1.5m deadman
  9. 10m is nothing lol

    you'd be fine doe
  10. Queeeeeests

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