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    Infidel Allah's Money Manual


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    This guide is the basic (for now) money making guide for osrs. The intended audience is people who need a little bit of cash to build some capital before they start flipping and possibly getting some xp out of it as well. This guide will list methods of making cash money and automation options available currently. This will be updated (hopefully consistently) and will (maybe) be posted on some type of git system so people can add onto it.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this manual!

    General text will be like this: Hello World

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    IMPORTANT: Do not bot for 52 weeks straight, this is a bad idea.

    Suggestions will be mark in blue and in bold (?):
    TIP: Botting for 4 hours a day and doing a quest once and a while makes you look more human.

    Links to Bot store resources will be in green and in bold:
    These are the current bots that preform this task:



    Starting off:

    For fresh accounts and low capital characters, the best way to get going is to pick up a few bones near Lumbridge chickens or cows and sell them on the GE. One inventory should give you a decent small amount of gold to start off. The non-member option is to collect crafting mat's and sell them refined or raw. The best member option is to collect cow hides at Lumbridge, tan them, and then make them into leather equipment until level 10. At level 10, head over to the GE at sell the leather items you crafted, buy as much flax as you can and spin it back at Lumbridge. This yields very nice profits to start out with and does not increase combat level (if you collect from other players kills)

    This method is very well known and can easily get you to 200k in an hour and a half if you do it efficiently.

    TODO: add links to store

    For leveling: (assuming you have 200k to invest)

    Raising you combat level is important, and I would highly suggest members do the waterfall quest right away to get 30 atk/str. Grab the best items you can wear and two tiers above from stores/GE. This will be needed for fighting mobs
    Note: The waterfall quest will not give you Hitpoints

    These stats you can start grinding out different mobs and collect items to sell, This is a lot less profit then flax but will help increase your hitpoints/combat stats so you can collect items from more dangerous mobs in the future. Some mobs to start out with are cows, chickens and goblins near Lumbridge, this can often be crowded. I would stay here until your defense is level 10.

    After your defense is level 10, head over to the monastery and start killing monks. This is safe and will be very easy to level up with. Collecting bones and burying them is also a good idea to level up prayer.

    These are the simple stats you will need to grind out mobs in the future, This is also raises your combat level so players wont just see a level 3 bot running around.

    After you have a combat level and maybe a quest or two under your belt, Start leveling collecting skills, this will give you mats to craft or sell on the GE for some profit.

    For members I would recommend fetching and non-members smithing or crafting.
    Fletching : Maple Long bows
    Smithing/Crafting: all items that sell for profit.

    TODO: add more stuff.

    Established Accounts

    Established accounts can start elsewhere, possibly making 1-2k bow string and then selling it, getting some (u) bows and stringing them or smithing higher level gear.

    Okay that was a joke.

    What you should really do is collect. Collect Collect Collect.

    Raw gold is good, But Banked item wealth is never a bad thing to.

    Getting a good resource pool lets you leave RuneMate running for 4+ hours to level up your skills and make a lot more profit at later levels. Don't just sell the items you make, look into refining them more, it could yield more profit. An example of this would be getting wood, fetching it into bows, THEN stringing them, then possibly alching them. This gives you tons of xp at the expense of possible profit and time.

    If this is not removed by 3/2016, Remove this thread

    More stuff cause tired...
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