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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by senas123, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. I have my main rs3 account and it works with runemate perfectly fine but i create my new account fresh acc and i get insta banned can someone tell me why?
  2. Just create the account and complete the tutorial on the normal client and level your character up a little bit and don't wear the default clothes.
    ps: botting on your main is risky
  3. If you care about your main don't bot it. If you get banned don't blame the client/bots. It will be your own fault for botting it.
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  4. i dont really care i been using the bot for a while and also i leveled up to 99 str and 99 WC so no problem i talk to other people i dont ignore them so if someone report me they cant really do shit because i was talking n etc.
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    and can i just skip the tutorial and level up make someone money and buy armor ? and then start with the bot ?
  5. Well humans don't normally type and click at the same time. I'd recommend pausing bots before talking.
  6. okay thanks and do i really need to do the tutorial or can i just skip it and just level up WC and def,att,str? and then start botting
  7. You have improved chances if you complete the tut I would think. I just skip and my accounts are doing fine. I normally kill chickens until I have 1k feathers then buy whatever gear and start botting.
  8. okay thanks :)
  9. somehow i got banned immediately when i logged on
  10. Use proxy.
  11. Well, you can buy a VPS to do goldfarming
  12. But that was after my main got banned though. Does the proxy actually work because my country uses dynamic IP anyway.
  13. I was banned several times and i think my IP wasnt flagged, cause its been ~30 days since my last ban

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