Instant permaban on login video.

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  1. So I made 4 accounts on normal RS client then logged in with them on Runemate client here was one of the results (3/4 permabanned instantly)
  2. I believe the correct thing to say would be gg. But seriously, that sucks...Just hope it wasen't an account you actually cared about..
  3. I think RM for RS3/Darkscape is detected. I use for OSRS however and so far its been not so bad.
  4. I can say the same for RS3.
  5. Nope. Tried all 3 modes with different comps/VPS and internet connections. No bot lasts more than 7 hours
  6. Anyone got any info if @Arbiter and @Cloud are working on the detection patch or any other way to get us back to the business?
  7. They haven't replied in ages, Probably freaking out to try and fix it. Apparently TriLez has fixed tribot. gonna give it ago. I suspect a couple hour ban like 99 percent of clients
  8. I really wonder why they aren't banning everyone then. Many people seem to be able to run normal suicide runs and I'm able to continue botting normally.
  9. That's where luck comes in.
  10. i've been botting normally since runemate updated and its been allright :/ idk whats happening but i bot everyday all day, babysit all day too and do some quest, get slayer tasks and do many skills but i still bot all day
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  11. Was it a fresh acc since the bot nuke?
    Were you a member since the bot nuke?

    if you answered yes to both those question, it seems you're pretty legit if you aren't lying and also do those things in bold. The only accounts I have gotten perma banned are fresh accounts. Rest are my mains and mules with two day bans, but I refuse to retry a login because someone said you get perma'd after the 2 day.
  12. no, its my old main and i had membership when the bot nuke ocurred, and i still do.
  13. exactly, from the get go you seem legit
  14. Yea still instant ban xD
  15. This post is very miss leading. Make a video of your accounts being made/instant banned not a video of an old botted main account getting banned.

    Proof is in the pudding, show us the pudding. You showed us some old main botted account getting banned and claim instant bans. Please show proof for the instant bans then.

    It said "welcome back" so you had logged in previously
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  16. I was just instantly banned on log in with a fresh new account. I really liked the name i made too :(
  17. Wait for spectre to be released. It's been said countless times that you should wait for spectre and that if you can't wait, the account should be a throwaway for testing if you'll be banned.

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