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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Aidden, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. I think it would be nice to give more detail in the notification that appears when the interface closer pops up, like instead of just saying "Interface Closer has been activated!' it could instead say 'Interface Closer - 'Report window' has been activated!"

    Also, it seems that every time i stop an instance the Interface closer is being activated and throwing two exceptions:

    Code (Text):
    2. java.lang.NullPointerException
    3.         at nul.IiIiiIiIiiIi.const(rtb:68)
    4.         at nul.IiIiiIiIiiIi.const(rtb:84)
    5.         at
    6.         at
    7.         at
    8. taSet(hgc:154)
    9.         at
    10.         at nul.IiIiIIiIIiii.const(otb:151)
    11.         at nul.IiIiIIiIIiii.const(otb:211)
    12.         at nul.iiiIIIiiiiIi.execute(hob:246)
    13.         at
    14.         at
    15.         at
    16. A java.lang.NullPointerException has occurred in Grim Reaper's Office while deci
    17. ding how to handle the active game events.
    18. Interface closer has been activated!
    19. java.lang.NullPointerException
    20.         at nul.iIiIiIiIIIii.const(mnb:262)
    21.         at
    22. .getAt(fhc:12)
    23.         at
    24. nitialDataSet(vbc:21)
    25.         at
    26.         at nul.IiiIIIiiiiii.const(vvb:136)
    27.         at nul.iiiiiIiIiiii.const(vvb:247)
    28.         at
    29.         at nul.iiiIIIiiiiIi.execute(hob:185)
    30.         at
    31.         at
    32.         at
    33. A java.lang.NullPointerException has occurred while handling the game event "Int
    34. erface closer"
  2. 1. I'll consider it moving forward
    2. Fixed in V1.0.8 which is now available, but please stop reporting multiple bugs in a single thread.
  3. Bumped as requested.
  4. Implemented for the next release.
  5. Awesome, how'd you get around the difficulties you saw before?
  6. Reframeworked it slightly.

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