RS3 is it safe(ish) to trade between accounts

Discussion in 'RS3' started by unexist, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. i got like 1.2B ish bank on my main that im currently botting but i feel like trading the money over for a while till tim done botting its a low lvl account with 0 quests and like lvl 10 stats but its kinda 5yr plus old whats the best i can do keep it on my main or just trade it over ?
  2. Definitely transfer it if the main is being botted.
  3. wont they like detect some high amout of currency is beeing traded to a low lvl account and think its rwt or even check my account for botting then ? :p
  4. No one knows what methods Jagex truly use. There's a lot of speculation out there for sure, but no concrete proof of their various detection methods.

    Transferring the gold to a low level/other account is one way to protect the gold for now, but there's no guarantee that after you've finished botting on your main and transfer the gold back, that a day later the main is banned.

    Bans for botting are almost always delayed from the time of the offence.
  5. Transfer it to multiple accounts. That's a lot of gold, i'd split it across quite a few accounts.
  6. Probably your best bet in 'gold laundering'
    Now that I think about that, I should start a gold laundering business

    But you might be able to get away with directly trading, might differ on how you would do it (just fake few things, like faking a conversation between the two about how the alt got hijacked idk)
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  7. just traded over the money im gonna be active on the account aswel like skilling and stuff well i hope they dont delay ban me 2 months after im done botting xD
  8. Any updates? is it safe?

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