Is Runemate Client Undetectable

Discussion in 'General' started by kaninomayn, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Hi there guys. I am currently trying to find the botplatform that I wanna stay with. I am looking for the bot that is somewhat undetectable, and I will code my own scripts bots. Just want to hear in your opinion if you think that Runemate itself is undectable so Jagex can't just see that ur using Runemate client and then just monitor you by that?

    Again, sorry for being the leecher as of right now, I hope to provide you with great content in the future.
  2. Jagex cannot tell that the client you use is RuneMate's.
  3. I dont know about OSRS but RS3 is running very good.
  4. Is Runemate only for RS3? Sorry for the newbish ;)
  5. Nope, both OSRS and RS3! :D
  6. We are for both RS3 and OSRS. A majority of Bot Authors seems to favor RS3 however which is why there are more RS3 bots.
  7. Is the Arbiter on here the same one that was super known back in the day for his quality scripts bots?
  8. That is correct.
  9. Feeling the love. :)
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  10. Why are you not writing scripts bots though? Man I miss the arbibots days.
  11. I will once the client isn't keeping me so busy. :)
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  12. ArbiWaterfiends, make it happend baby! :)
  13. On OS side still have problems, on RS3 side is undetectable
  14. hmmmm.......

    "On OS side still have problems, on RS3 side is undetectable"
  15. OS is more heavily bot-watched in some areas of RS, and most people that bot there have a higher chance of getting banned no matter if the client is undetectable or not.
  16. When the Old School Team specifically hires people to check out for bots its common logic to not bot at the obvious botting places.

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