OSRS Is Runemate the best botting client and why?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Some Kid, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Anyone who cares to answer this, I'd be intrigued to hear what you guys think puts runemate above say, tribot or powerbot.
  2. Is that a rhetorical question?
  3. Nope im just unfamiliar with it and wanted to try it out so i figured id ask
  4. I'd say it's better than Tribot. Considering Tribot costs cash to use, RM stands as the better one. Also, most of their bots and ABCL sucks. With Spectre coming out very soon(tm), the gap is just gonna increase.

    Powerbot/RSBot sucks balls; simple as that.
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  5. Don't even start about RSbot/Powerbot. Cesspool of bans and scums of botting community. Tribot is definitely top-tier, commercial wise. I use Runemate because I feel the banrate I experience for OSRS on runemate seems to be the lowest here. Tribot for me is hit or miss, scripts bots are great on them but sometimes the banrate on tribot can become a pain in the ass. Experiment with both, you'll find your own client.

    Runemate and Tribot are only two botting clients you should try. Stay away from rest. Simba/Villavu is great but you need great deal of experience to be able to operate one since they are color-based and require advanced knowledge to operate them.
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  6. I think I spent about $50 on scripts bots at powerbot, biggest mistake in my life.
    Every account banned at some point, some instantly, some after a few days.

    When I started using RuneMate, I botted over 6 months on ONE account, and it is still alive :)

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