Is there a RS3 CB bot with banking

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by WYD, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Is there a RS3 CB bot with banking without bugs here on runemate?
  2. Of course one exists.
    It may be private though.
  3. I dont think so WYD.
  4. Brad sad Brad go to sad.
  5. what ?
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  6. I think he had a stroke. Poor @WYD
  7. :(
    As long as not inappropriate :p
  8. RIP Brad -( :(
  9. Who's brad ?
    Or are you just talking nonsense ?
  10. R.I.P Someone better set up funeral arrangements and get his will sorted out.
  11. Arbiter will get you banned in no time mate:(
  12. But why :-(
  13. upload_2015-11-13_22-59-44.png
    He loves you so much that he hates you.
  14. His first name is Brad.
  15. Why just why :-(
  16. Love is complicated:(
  17. Tell me about it :( Shit sucks
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