is there anyway to add a antiban thing to a script where if a player enters the minimap it will hop?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by 5kree, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. wondering about this
  2. There isn't, but I would like this feature as well. Would be useful in many locations.
  3. Just make a circular area around your prayer the size of the minimap, the if(Players.getLoaded().contains(area){Runescape.logout;}

    Only problem I forsee is that Players.getLoaded() also returns yourself so it would log out if you're in the minimap, and that is always the case.
  4. Easy to filter out the local player. But i think OP meant as a user, not as an author
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  5. If a bot were to implement this in all situations, it could be used as a pretty accurate way for Jagex to detect users.
  6. I think he's asking for it to be optional, and not a part of the bot, kinda like a plugin or something :p
  7. Maybe we could have auxiliary scripts bots?
    They run alongside the main bot and then provide extra features (anti ban, chat bot, statistics or something)
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  8. @Cloud @Arbiter
  9. Already a planned feature. ;)
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  10. I have seen other botting programs that do this. Though I don't know which ones they are, and I have to agree with what someone said earlier about it being an easy way for the bot to be detected by Jagex because it is very obvious when a bot does randomly leave when you get near.

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