Is your client opening in WinRAR?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Aidden, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. If so, your web browser has downloaded it as the wrong file type. You need to turn the 'hide extensions for known file types' setting off, if you're not sure how to do that just google it. And then you need to rename the file from 'RuneMate.rar' or '' (Whichever it may be) to 'RuneMate.jar'

    If you have any problems let me know
  2. Winrar is also known to open .jar files as archives (cause it technically is one). All you gotta do is fix up the file associations in that case.
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  3. True, however the most common cause (the only one i've actually seen) for this issue is a browser downloading the client as a .zip or .rar
  4. Need help, i cannot download the program. Thanks
  5. I need help too open it!
  6. You'll need to be more specific than that
  7. could not find or locate main class help me pls , i install every version of java.
  8. Im having a difficult time trying to download the client it downloads as a zip file how am I able to change this ??
    is it possible for step by step instructions please help me.
  9. Install latest jre and jdk
  10. What browser does this? Sounds pretty odd for a browser to do that -__-
  11. I think internet explorer used to do it lol. I can't rememer but i know it happened to me before and it was because it downloaded as a .zip
  12. I'm having a problem trying to open up this jar file with chrome and ie. it's wanting me to open it up with another program and when i picked java like one person on this site has stated, there is a small black command prompt type looking screen that goes away quickly and nothing happens after that. I also tried downloading bitzipper and i can't seem to get runemate to open up with that program either. any help is much appreciated
  13. Are you running 32-bit java on a 64-bit OS? If so you need 64-bit java.
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