RS3 Jadinko Firemaker

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Prodigy, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. requires 83 wc and firemaking.

    Cut curly roots, and burn them for firemaking xp.

    The woodcutting exp isnt great, but the firemaking xp is amazing. Each root gives almost as much xp as a magic log. Each vine give 4 curly roots, making it easy to get an inv of curly roots.

    Xp rates of 300k+ can be achieved through this method. I dont mind providing an account for testing :)

    Hope someone makes this bot. Would be really useful!
  2. 100% support would be nice :D
  3. TenCurlyRoots Pushed :)

  4. Awesome!!!! Cant wait :D
  5. Man pm me your skype, i need you :p YES I CAN TILL UR EXAMS ARE OVER... :=)
  6. hazard.runemate
  7. going to add tonight ;D

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