RS3 Jagex is Illuminati Confirmed.

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  1. Have you ever wondered how Ebola started? Well.. Heres the shocking truth about The Ebola Virus.

    One day a midget by the name of Praistan was harvesting his batch of Weed Plants in brimhaven, Then all of a sudden He was stung by a gargoyle which was also a midget.

    A few months down the track Praistan began to develop an infected arm, He went to the Duel arena to talk to the nurses about it, The nurses said "Oh my Gosh, we've never seen this kind of infection before..., We MUST name is Quickly whats your last name" , Praistan said "My last name is 'Ebola'", . The nurse Said "RIGHTYO It will be called 'ebola'" said the nurse, The nurse gave Praistan a note that said "You must Teleport to Africa and rub your infected arm in some randy African level 3's Mouth and Eyes to get rid of it," So Praistan did. & 2 days later his arm had fully healed.

    & That's how Ebola began.

    But why should you believe this? Well take a look at the evidence....

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  2. Bahahahahahhahahaha
  3. Hahahha legend!!
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  4. omg no way :eek::rolleyes:
  5. sounds pretty legit
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  6. No matter how hard i try, I can't come up with anything that would deny the schocking true.
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