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Discussion in 'General Market' started by mydogjax, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I can make pretty much any bot requested.

    Prices are decided on a bot2bot basis, but I am usually in the 15-30$ range (Though, if it's something super simple I may go lower).

    I will also be offering limited copies of various bots as I make them for personal use.

    Limited Copies Currently Available:
    Divination - 5 copies remaining (Includes deathwalk to most, if not all, locations)

    You can share the bot as you please, your loss not mine. (Unless it is a limited-copy bot)
    You are entitled to the source code upon request. (Unless it is a limited-copy bot)
    If the bot breaks, I will fix it. Adding new features is not free. Limited-copy bots will get new features as I add them.​
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  2. Vouch, I bought a private bot from jax about a week ago. Speedy process, I got my bot shortly after buying and have been loving it. Any issues I have ran into were quickly resolved, intend on doing business with again.
  3. Sent a pm :)
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    Fantastic service, only took 1 day to complete a bot to what is far better than any other type.. 10/10 (y):)
  4. Vouch, bought a bot from jax the other day, works great and i am glad i bought it.
  5. I want to buy a bot for normal rs3 but I ain't paying $15 as its super simple, up for some more business?
  6. will you take ds gp?
  7. Death-walking is no joke.
  8. (Though, if it's something super simple I may go lower) That's there for a reason. (In other words, yes. Just PM me the bot you want)

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