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  1. jst94 submitted a new resource:

    JST Air Crafter - Crafts air runes like air

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  2. Air tiara equipped, start at F south-east bank. Opens bank, does nothing. Tried w/ both Rune essence & Pure essence, also tried w/ Air tiara unequipped and in bank.

    Withdrawing Pure essence manually does nothing.
    Withdrawing Rune essence manually triggers the bot to start.

    After that it works fine, good job! :D
  3. It's walking to the alter and not clicking it to go inside with taira equipped.
  4. Hey,
    Will look into this and fix it

    Thanks for the reports
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  5. Hi jst94,
    I have been using your air crafter, here is an improvement you can implement.
    Sometimes the character gets stuck inside the air alter, after crafting air runes. (Clicks southern portion of mini map)
  6. Getting the same as people review, when you level up, you get stuck inside the "altar" room.
  7. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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