OSRS Just a friendly reminder that F2p pking is still active as ever

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by EvilCabbage, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Bored? So was I. Bot a pking account in under 5 hours and start killing noobs. Perfect boredom killer.


    In case you want to fight me, my stats are:
    20 Attack (do Vampire Slayer, gives 1-20 at and no hp exp)
    44 Strength
    1 Defence
    40 Ranged
    1 Prayer
    25 Magic (for teleporting to Varrock, quicker returns after death - splash this to avoid hp exp)
  2. Oh mein gott thank you
    its been far too long since my last f2p account
  3. Videos or riot
  4. support!!
  5. Get some Green D'hide scrub :p
  6. Done bb

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  7. Everyone's rocking them green dhide chaps lol
  8. GZ, I may make an f2p pker also lol
  9. botting one as we speak got 40 attack 60 str 40 range 40 mage atm

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